road improvement scheme - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

The East of Exeter road improvement scheme proposed by Devon County Council is supported by the Highways Agency.  In April 2008 the preliminary details of the proposals were shown to the public at exhibitions near the villages of Clyst Honiton and Sowton.  Since then the proposals have been further refined.

Road ImprovementsThe overall proposals consist of highway, public transport and cycling improvements to the A30, M5 and the old A30 in the area around Junction 29 and to the east of Exeter airport.

When planning for major growth in Exeter and East Devon it is essential that the effectiveness of the highway network is maintained and that the city is well connected to that network.  This will result in the delivery of a number of major improvements to the highway infrastructure:

Highway Improvements to M5 (Junction 29)

Junction 29 improvements are essential to accommodate the developments within Exeter and East Devon (for example Cranbrook) without affecting the highway network (M5 and A30) or its accessibility.

J29 Improvement Scheme

Work is now underway at Junction 29, for more information about the scheme click here.

Improvements to M5 (Junction 30)

The Junction 30 improvement scheme is needed to ensure that the effectiveness of the highway network (M5) is maintained. This will also add extra capacity to avoid congestion generated by developments.

Clyst Honiton Bypass

Artist ImpressionThe bypass is needed to provide access to both Skypark and the new community of Cranbrook, and to accommodate journeys to and from all the strategic developments in East Devon. Without this bypass, capacity of the existing junction onto the A30 (Blackhorse junction) would be exceeded.  Without this improvement, developments would need to be limited.

Enhanced M5 Crossing at Tithebarn Lane

This enhanced link across the M5 provides an all-vehicle connection between eastern Exeter and the strategic developments at Exeter Science Park, Cranbrook and Skypark. This will avoid congestion at Junction 29 of the M5.  The scheme also provides a critical part of the route for the High Quality Public Transport (HQPT) link between Cranbrook, the City centre and Alphington. 

Enhanced M5 Crossing to South of Junction 30

The new development proposed in the east of the City will put additional pressure on Junction 30 of the M5. Therefore, capacity will be added to the existing M5 crossing to the south of the junction. This will also provide an alternative route for public transport.

Improvements to Countess Wear Roundabout, Bridge Road and Topsham Road

This scheme is necessary to maintain the links between the employment and residential areas to the east and west of the Exe, thus reducing congestion and providing enhanced public transport priority.  The scheme is also essential for preventing additional pressure developing on the M5 arising from displaced local traffic.

Improvements to Alphington Road and the Provision of Additional Park and Ride Capacity at Ide

The scheme is needed to maintain accessibility from the west of the City centre. It reduces congestion, prioritises public transport and improves air quality.

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