multi utility sustainable infrastructure strategy - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

Multi Utility Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy


In 2010 the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point Delivery Team commissioned Inventa Partners Ltd to undertake a study for the development and delivery of a Multi Utility Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy (MUSIS).  This was to be based on an understanding of the deregulated utility markets and a detailed knowledge of the business models being developed to deliver district energy.

The report focused on the following opportunity areas:


  • Cranbrook
  • Skypark
  • Science Park
  • Park Farm Pinhoe
  • Intermodal Freight Terminal
  • Monkerton and Hill Barton
  • Newcourt
  • SW Exeter
  • City Centre



The work is now complete.  It demonstrates that there is significant value in encouraging developers to take an innovative approach to utility provision through the development of a MUSIS strategy. There are opportunities, subject to certain conditions, for a developer or local authority to raise capital from the utility sector in return for offering the adoption of utility networks by companies other than the incumbent providers. In addition the district energy sector, a currently unregulated market, is prepared to part finance the delivery of district energy schemes saving the developer considerable costs and assisting them to comply with building regulations, planning and carbon legislation.

The key to unlocking the value inherent in the strategy is the communication of the strategy and its benefits. The majority of developers and landowners may not be fully conversant with the opportunity offered by the deregulated markets.   It is the intention to communicate the strategy to ensure that opportunities are understood including potential capital savings and environmental benefits.