ldf explained - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

LDF Explained

The Local Development Framework

Local planning authorities are required to produce Local Development Frameworks (LDFs). LDFs will comprise of a series of documents and plans (technically known as Development Plan Documents and Supplementary Planning Documents) that will guide, promote and regulate development.  These new LDF documents will replace and supercede the policies of past Local Plans.

The Exeter and East Devon Growth Point covers parts of three planning authorities, with Exeter City Council, East Devon District Council and Teignbridge District Council handling all the planning applications for the individual development sites in their operational areas and Devon County Council handling all mineral-related and waste management.  Devon County Council are also responsible for planning of transport infrastructure which will support the developments.

In addition to having part of their area in the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point  (an area of development known as South West Exeter) Teignbridge District Council have their own Growth Point centred on Newton Abbot. 

Each of the planning authorities we are working with are preparing their own LDF, and this is likely to be at a different stage of completion for each authority.  In some instances we may refer to the Local Plan which is the old style plan into which many of our developments were originally allocated.

East Devon District Council

East Devon District Council are actively progressing the documents that make up their LDF. They have held public consultations on a document called "issues and options" report, which details the different options for development and land allocations to 2026. A feedback report of responses received will be published in 2010.

EDDC are now in the process of compiling the Core Strategy, which will establish the vision, objectives and strategy for future development of East Devon up to 2026.  The Core Strategy will include the scale and distribution of housing and employment growth. 

Planning Policy East Devon District Council

Exeter City Council

Exeter City Council's LDF work is ongoing with their Core Strategy, Issues and Options and Preferred Options consultation stages now all completed.

Teignbridge District Council

In Teignbridge District Council it is anticipated that an Area Action Plan Document will be finalised and adopted in the summer of 2011.

To get involved, find out more or have your say in the LDF process, visit each local authority website for more information.