frequently asked questions - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I contact if I want to provide supplies or services to companies involved in the projects planned in the Growth Point?

A. The Growth Point Team is working with the Exeter Chamber of Commerce and Industry and neighbouring business membership organisations to develop a business portal to post and access opportunities.

The Exeter and East Devon Business Portal is being designed to help local businesses win supply contracts by streamlining the procurement process, allowing companies to promote their skills and expertise to the right people. To register your interest click here.


Q. I would like to apply for an Affordable House on Cranbrook.  Who do I contact?

You will need to be on the Housing List at East Devon District Council or Exeter City Council.   The Councils will be responsible for allocating the homes.  Please visit for further information.


Q.  When will building of Affordable Homes commence?

Work on Cranbrook will be starting during Summer 2011, there are 300 affordable homes within the first 1,100 homes planned within the first phase of Cranbrook.


Q. The new bridge over the M5 is 'green' . What does this mean?

A. The Redhayes 'Green' bridge has been designated green because it will allow access for local people living on the Exeter side of the M5 access to green space and green infrastructure such as woods, countryside, cycle paths and so on. The bridge will mean that housing and employment are accessible to each other without using traditional methods of travel to and from work. Visit our pages on Sustainable Growth for more information.


Q. What about the flood risk at Cranbrook?

A. Drainage at Cranbrook will be designed to replicate the natural means of surface water receptors, the existing open ground, Cranny Brook and Rockbeare Stream.  To reproduce the existing drainage characteristics once the site is developed, a best practice Sustainable Urban Drainage System will be implemented.  No building will occur in the 1 in 1000 year floodplain of the site.


Q. Where can I find more information about the local planning process

You can either visit your local authority website or. for additional information on how the planning process works, what a LDF is, and how the RSS is likely to affect you, visit the Government's planning resource "The Planning Portal".