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Exeter Science Park Centre Tenants:


Dashboard is an Internet of Things (IoT) company developing remote monitoring technology for the oil and gas industry. Using its own unique data acquisition hardware, analysis platform and dashboard interface technologies, the specialist will be able to provide continuous monitoring to oil and gas operators across the world, enabling them to closely monitor their infrastructure 24 hours a day.


Rezcomm is the UK’s leading provider of travel and parking reservation systems. Established in Bideford, Rezcomm started out as a traditional travel agency called "Let’s go travel". Following a shift in the market, the firm changed their focus from high street sales to the development of online reservation technology and specialist industry software, and subsequently rebranded as Rezcomm.


Thalamus Health
Thalamus Health is a medical innovation and product design company, specialising in a urinalysis product, the Diagnosticap® System. This is one of three products in their current portfolio. With endorsements from some of the UK’s top clinicians, Thalamus Health has recently secured funding to start manufacturing this product with the aim of introducing it to the market in 2017.


Concept First is a business focused IT company, specialising in bespoke IT software and big data analytics. With extensive experience in science and technology, Concept First founders relocated the firm to the Science Park from their base at Sowton, in a bid to expand the business and collaborate with like-minded organisations.

Edson Tiger
The Edson Tiger team, made up of former military, intelligence and security experts, provide a range of services consisting of risk management advisory and protective services, including specialist technology for on the ground support and personnel training, tracking software and communications equipment.


RouteShoot provide geo-referenced video services and route tracking technology to public and private sector clients across the world. RouteShoot’s service uses innovative geo-referenced video and route tracking technology through their bespoke smartphone application and dedicated website, allowing users to share their video’s with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. The technology is commonly used by highways agencies, utility companies, transport and refuse collection operations.


Exeter Scientific Development
Exeter Scientific Development specialises in urology products, founded by Urology practitioner Philip Niblett.


Seedata specialise in custom web software, data visualisation and text analytics, working with a variety of companies, ranging all the way from start-ups to corporations and public sector organisations. The firm are currently collaborating with University of Exeter, NEW Devon CCG and other NHS trusts and is looking to expand as it takes on more projects.


Dynamiq is a team of cyber and information security specialists that has grown rapidly since its creation, supporting more businesses in the battle against cyber threats and the dark web. Dynamiq is a Co-founder of the South West Cyber Security Cluster, a collaboration of organisations and stakeholders actively engaged in cyber and digital security in the South West of England. 

Securious is an experienced and highly qualified team of cyber security specialists who work across the region to help companies protect themselves against cyber threats and ensure they are compliant with required standards, such as accepting credit card payments.

It is the only company south of Bristol qualified as a certified body for Government’s cyber essential scheme. The team at Securious are co-founders of the South West Cyber Security Cluster, working very closely with Dynamiq.

Hot Desk Companies:


Koncept is a venture technology start-up investment company, taking equity in mobile app companies and providing support, technical expertise to help them develop a MVP (minimum viable product) and secure further funding and investment.


Milkalyser specialise in the development of an innovative method of deploying biosensors to improve cow fertility management. Coelition A global ecosystem for the responsible use of behavioural data, providing tools and support for businesses, helping them to provide consumers with personal services that handle data responsibly.


Park Wide Tenants:

Blur Group
The blur Group is an E-commerce company based in Eagle House, providing an international online procurement platform.

Coming Soon:

Torrance Diamond Diagnostic Services (TDDS) is a leading veterinary clinical pathology company, currently based at the Innovation Centre. TDDS provide expert, fast-paced and innovative clinical diagnostic services to veterinary practices across the UK. Using an in-house courier service, TDDS receive samples and biopsies from over 350 veterinary practices. The team then study, analyse and diagnose the samples and liaise directly with vets regarding the results and treatment.? TDDS will be moving into their own building on the Science Park in 2018. Construction of the bespoke new headquarters is due to start in Spring 2017 with completion 12-18 month thereafter.

Met Office HPC Complex
The construction of the Met Office’s High Performance Computer (HPC) complex on the Science Park will house part of the new Met Office supercomputer. The complex forms part of the region's vision of a world-leading centre of predictive environmental science and will help exploit UK scientific excellence, supporting collaboration and partnerships between science, business and academia. The building is set for completion in Spring 2017.


Updated: 18 August 2016


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