delivery team - Exeter and East Devon Growth Point

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The Growth Point Delivery Team is hosted by East Devon District Council and supported by the other funding partners. 

The function of the Delivery Team is to be a dedicated group of specialists who help to coordinate the delivery of the strategic developments.

The delivery team is led by Andy Wood (Projects Director) who spent a year with the team on secondment from the South West RDA as Head of Infrastructure and Partnerships before starting his current role.  Naomi Harnett (Principal Projects Manager) joined the team from Teignbridge District Council with experience in economic development and grant funding.  Simon Bates (Green Infrastructure Manager) previously worked at Natural England and is leading on enhancing access to green space. Neil Harris (Habitat Regulations Delivery Officer) also previously of Teignbridge District Council, brings 10 years of practical nature conservation experience.

Drew Aspinwall and Anne Mountjoy share the Communications & Marketing function.

Drew has a background in partnership communications in planning, transport and housing plus other sectors. Anne's has a background in third sector communications and her role is shared between Exeter and East Devon and Teignbridge Growth Point.

The team plays a key role in removing obstacles to delivery and acting as a central point of information for all projects; this includes facilitating meetings and enabling partnership working.

Working with the local authority partners, the Delivery Team are running a studies programme to provide an evidence base which will help to inform development across the whole of Exeter and East Devon.

The team report directly to the Exeter and Heart of Devon Growth Board, which comprises of key representatives from all the partner organisations and accountable Government bodies. The Board meets quarterly.

All planning and development decisions are subject to local and regional planning policy and all growth projects will be subject to comprehensive testing and public consultation, by way of the local planning process to ensure that individual proposals are suitable, acceptable environmentally and realistic in terms of infrastructure.