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Business Portal launched to help local businesses win contracts

Business Portal launched to help local businesses win contracts












The Exeter and East Devon Business Portal was officially launched last night, Wednesday 14th March at an evening reception held at the Met Office. 

The Portal, which was initiated by the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point, Exeter Chamber of Commerce and East Devon Business Forum, aims to promote a wealth of opportunities within the new Growth Point development helping to make them available to local businesses.

Key business leaders from across Exeter and East Devon were among the first to add their companies to the new Exeter and East Devon Business Portal, including the evenings sponsors, Signs Express and Haines Watts.

Derek Phillips, Vice President of Exeter Chamber of Commerce said, “I am delighted that the Portal is up and running. By helping local business to promote their skills and expertise to the right people, we are trying to streamline the procurement process and ultimately help local businesses to win contacts.”

The Exeter and East Devon Business Portal evolved through a shared desire to capitalise on opportunities that are likely to arise from the new developments in the Growth Point.  When new developments such as Skypark, Exeter Science Park and Cranbrook start to grow they will inevitably generate opportunities for services, suppliers and contractors, whether they be for products, training, business services, caterers or accommodation, the list really is endless.

Exeter Chamber of Commerce, East Devon Business Forum and the Growth Point partners saw this as an opportunity to bring local suppliers and developments together, not just to identify potential tender opportunities but also to help developers gain easy access to a wide range of quality local businesses.

Graham Brown, Chairman of East Devon Business Forum said, “We are delighted to see these big sustainable developments in the west end of East Devon, but what we would also like to see is the smaller business benefit from it too.  We have a wealth of expertise and skills in East Devon and we will do all we can to make sure that they rise to the top and get seen by the bigger companies who take up space here.”

The site is now live and both businesses with opportunities and prospective suppliers can register, post an opportunity or respond to one.

Mike Owen Project Manager for the New Community of Cranbrook said We are keen to ensure that local economic benefit flowing from the development of the new community of Cranbrook over the next 15 to 20 years is maximised and the portal is a great way of helping us to do this’.

The Exeter and East Devon Business Portal will work with developers to get tender details out to its members at the earliest opportunity, helping to retain the contracts locally.  It will bring local businesses together with buyers, helping businesses build important relationships, find opportunities and win business.

Anyone who registers for the Portal will get the chance to attend a series of events, including Meet the Buyer, Tender Training, High Growth workshops as well as plenty of networking opportunities.

If you would like to register for the Exeter and East Devon Business Portal please visit or contact Exeter Chamber of Commerce on 01392 431133.


In the picture:

L-R: Back Row: Ben De Cruz, Haines Watts (Event Sponsor), Cllr Paul Diviani, East Devon District Council, Terry Murch, Midas (Portal Sponsor), Mike Owen, Consortium, Andy Wood, East Devon Growth Point, Andy Martin, Signs Express (Event Sponsor), Ian Guy, St Modwen

L-R; Front Row: Nick Baxter-Sibley, Signs Express (Event Sponsor), Marion Baxter-Sibley, Signs Express (Event Sponsor), Derek Phillips, Exeter Chamber of Commerce, Gerry Shattock, Exeter Science Park.

RELEASE DATE: 15.03.2012 from Exeter Chamber of Commerce